Friday, October 1, 2010

My date with a she-male.

Ever had this shit happen before? I met this girl the other day, and she was going to school for design. We were chatting for about 2 hours, 1 while waiting for the bus we both had missed, and another hour ON the bus. At the end of it, I asked if I could have her number, cause we really seemed to connect. We went bowling (her idea), and we hung out all night. This girl, BTW, gorgeous. Easily a 8.5/10. So I'm walking her back to her car, and she decides to get frisky. We're making out, everything is great. Then, she starts pulling at my cock, over my jeans. I let it out, and she's just working it. Fucking amazing, she's really good at it. It's not until I start pawing at her that she gets a bit hesitant. It's here when she decides to let me know she's a dude. Like, seriously "Wait, Steven, I'm a dude". "WUT" was appropriate, and thus, my reaction. He proceeds to show me, and I am seriously freaked out, not because he had a dick, but because it was HUGE. Put my pecker to shame. Fuck me, but not literally. I told him it was fucked up to lead me on, and I guess he's in the final stages of hormone therapy, because he looks like a girl, as much as...say Line-trap.

This was not a good day.